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How to buy Ripple?

The Full Guide: What Is Ripple And How To Buy XRP

Crypto coins were not created to become another payment method; they were created to solve the real safety issues that also existed in the financial market. As we all interact in the global financial ecosystem, we need some sort of fast, low-cost, and secure cross-border transactions. In the past, these transactions used to be maintained by big finance entities like banks and other centralized entities. But today all is changed for the better. The brand new solution has emerged known as Ripple cryptocurrency or XRP.

What Is Ripple And What Is XRP?

Just like Bitcoin, Ripple was designed as a simple solution based on blockchain for making global financial transactions or payments. This technology allows people to make international payments through different payment networks.


Ripple was created at the beginning of 2012 in the United States and soon became the leading crypto lab in the world. The name 'XRP' stands for xRapid and was created for the payment providers to minimize the liquidity costs during the transactions across the world. XRP was created before Ripple labs, they did not name it to sound like the company as the asset came before the company. When the open coin was the company and was utilizing the rippled protocol, people called the coins Ripples. The name 'XRP' was the obvious choice. Every currency, which does not mean a specific country, must start with currency code – X. For instance, Bitcoin (BTC) is really XBT.


This technology not only decreases the liquidity costs that occur during payments but also is much faster and has stronger security. Ripple is a company placed in the USA with over 250 workers. It invented XRP and XRP Ledger (the public ledger that XRP is native on) and keeps coming up with solutions that change the world payment system. 

Can You Directly Buy Ripple (XRP) With USD?

In general, you can do this. Most sites today allow you to buy Ripple with USD eliminating the double conversion. If you have ever tried traditional currency exchanges for trading, then you will not face any difficulties while dealing with Ripple. Here you are free to choose any amount you want to buy, replenish your account with money from your credit card, and then buy XRP. 


As Ripple describes on their website, they have a list of partners who offer any kind of services to buy or sell their currency. You will see Bittrex, Binance, Kraken, and many more here. Although several services are not allowed to engage in direct conversions, you will certainly find the one that meets your requirements. Most of the modern services meet international standards and enable its users to use International wire transfers and electronic payment.

How to buy Ripple with USD indirectly

If you don't want to go to another exchange and switch to something more modern and multi-service, then you can buy Ripple indirectly. Keep in mind that you may find some places that provide this option. Being a client of Bitstamp, follow these steps to buy Ripple coins: 


1. Sign up on a chosen service.

2. Transfer coins to your personal account or wallet (for example ETH).

3. Click on the combination of coins to exchange.

4. Click the 'Exchange' button and select XRP/ETH.

5. Input the sum or portion of coins to send in exchange for XRP.

6. Select 'Buy XRP'.

Where To Buy XRP: Wallets And Exchanges

If you decided to expand the portfolio with some Ripple assets, it's time to choose the right way to do it. There are still not all exchanges that give this opportunity. We advise that you select only those services listed on the official Ripple website. 


As soon as you successfully bought your first coins, you should store them in a safe place. As a rule, most traders prefer to keep their cryptocurrency in secure online or offline wallets. Which type you will choose depends on how you use crypto: be it for private purposes or for business needs.

Ripple Wallets

A Ripple wallet is a safe place where you can digitally keep and share crypto coins. The wallets are protected with a special key that only its owner knows. Crypto wallets can be in the form of a hardware device, which means they are physically stored, or in the electronic or online form. The latter is considered to be less safe but more widely used. It is ok if you use it for private purposes. Sometimes wallets are combined with exchanges and offer the turn-key solutions for the traders. Ripple offers different kinds of wallets. For example, Ledger Nano S that looks like a USB drive. It looks nice and seems to be a much safer solution as it stays protected from any kind of viruses or hackers' attacks. 

Ripple (XRP) Exchanges

XRP brokers or exchanges are the centralized organizations for any interested person to buy Ripple currency for other coins or Fiat money. It depends on the services you want to get. Technically it is done by sending a regular currency to a buyer and receiving Ripple and vice versa. If you go on their official site, you will see the long list of brokers that Ripple recommends using. Some of them you will find in our review along with detailed instruction. Some of them are more popular and some are less, but all of them are secure and the best places to buy Ripple.


It is worth noting that some exchanges from the official list don't allow traders to buy Ripple for USD directly. You can check helping guide 'How to buy XRP for USD' in the previous paragraph. So, before becoming a client of a particular exchange, think about your needs: do you want to convert your dollars into Ripple. Otherwise, you can use some other financial assets to make a transaction.

Bitstamp To Invest In Ripple

Want to try something fast, reliable, and multi-service? Then you should try Bitstamp. As one of the most famous exchanges, it is not only an official Ripple partner but also versatile in currencies you can buy and sell there. Choose what you want: Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, and many others. Want to buy Ripple for Dollars? You have this opportunity here. Are not a Desktop user and prefer to make payments on the go? You've got it here too. Download a mobile app and synch both your Bitstamp accounts. 


You are offered to replenish your account with a credit card by doing the following:


1. Go to the main page, then log in, and select the deposit tab.

2. Select the currency to purchase

3. Select Fiat currency to make a payment

4. Indicate how much you are buying

5. Submit the transaction

Bittrex As Your Top Investment Wingman

Being a star among pro traders, Bittrex may become your safest, fastest, and cheapest trading platform. On their official site, they have a detailed guide on how they protect users' accounts and describe the patented technology they use to safeguard the clients' funds. With so many protection layers, you can rest assured that all is under control.


If you want to start trading with Bittrex, you'd rather first learn about additional expenses you will bear with each transaction. Any trade is charged with 0.25%. You along with a seller have to pay this fee depending on the total amount you exchange.


To perform trade with Bittrex, follow these steps:


1. Add the number of coins you want to obtain in the box named 'Quantity'

2. Add your price in the box 'Bid' – you can set your own price despite the market value.

3. Verify the quantity and click 'Buy Ripple'.

4. Confirm your action.


If you don't have sufficient funds your transaction will be canceled. 

Binance – Safe And Fast Exchange To Buy Ripple

It claims to stand among the top 10 most advanced brokers in the world today. And it offers top cryptocurrencies to choose from EXR, ETH, BTC, and more.


You can use both the web version (macOS and Windows) of the exchange or download a mobile app and have all the services in your hand. 


It offers a 24/7 support team, forums where you can interact with other traders, and a blog where crypto experts share the latest news.


The platform has additional commission charged for depositing your funds. You will find the full information about each currency and transaction type fee on the


To start your transaction, go to the Binance official website and create your account or sign in.


  • Then, finish the registration, enter the account and verify it.

  • Your next step will be to replenish your wallet. For this, go to deposits.

  • Then choose what type of cryptocurrency you want to send (you can also pick it from the pre-selected options)

  • Then copy the coin address and input it in the address box to withdraw crypto.


Another option is to do it with a QR code.


  • Select the button 'Show QR code'

  • Open your mobile application and scan the code


It is important to remember that if you decide to deposit XRP to Binance you should make sure that you get XRP from the corresponding service.

Coinbase – The Largest Exchange For Pro Ripple Traders

Coinbase allows clients to use the following cryptos: BTC, XRP, ETH, Bitcoin Cash, and some more. Here you can create your account, manage the portfolio of top cryptocurrencies, buy or sell them, schedule the best trading days, store your coins in a vault, and even do all of this with a Coinbase free mobile app. 


Coinbase implements the best security practices to make its user wallets the safest place to store their funds. All clients should go through the two-step verification when creating their accounts. It means that each time when you log in, you should confirm the sign in with your mobile phone and enter the code that was sent to you in SMS.


Another interesting practice they use is a background check on all their employees. When hired by Coinbase, all employees undergo the criminal background check. They are also required to use encryption on all their devices, use strong passwords, and lock their screens all the time.


To reinforce the security system, the company also runs the Bug Bounty Program and encourages all white-hat hackers to help them with potential vulnerabilities issues.


How do you buy digital currency with Coinbase?


If you use your computer: 

1. Visit the 'Buys' page.

2. Input the amount you want to purchase and the type of currency.

3. Choose the wallet you want to deposit funds and a payment method. 

4. To submit, click 'Buy'.


If you use iOS or Android apps:


1. Click the icon at the top of the screen and open the Navigation bar.

2. Choose Buy from the Navigation bar.

3. Choose the coin you want to purchase.

4. Choose the wallet you want to deposit funds. 

5. Choose the payment method.  

6. To submit, tap 'Buy'.

Kraken For Buying Ripple

Kraken may be the least popular among the exchanges we have reviewed earlier, but it is still used by a significant amount of people and considered to be among the leaders. And here we explain why.


First of all, it uses solid security procedures in cold storage wallets. Which means that all their funds are kept in the places not connected to the Internet. So, no viruses or malicious attacks can happen here. They also use data centers where they have their protected servers with real guards. Another layer of security is achieved by separating their workload data from their clients, which allows workers to access your personal account only for verification purposes.


Kraken has deposit and withdrawal fees:


  • If you want to deposit your wallet with USD, you have to pay $5

  • Within EEA countries EUR SEPA deposit is free of charge, and withdrawal costs €0.09

  • If you want to make an International Wire Transfer in Euro, you have to pay €5

  • Canadian domestic transactions are free, but if you want to withdraw funds, you have to pay 0.25% on the total amount


You can easily deposit and withdraw money/coins with Kraken. It accepts USD, EUR, CAD, GBP Fiat currencies. If you are a resident of the EU, you can make a SEPA transaction.

To perform any kind of payment, you should verify your account first.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ripple

Here are the main questions you may have before you decide to invest in XRP.

Is it possible to buy Ripple with electronic payments: Credit cards, debit cards?

No matter if you are a professional trader or just bought your first coins a couple of days ago, you may already know about the exchanges where you can perform most of the transactions related to the cryptocurrency. Most of the modern brokers today allow users to trade directly and obtain crypto in exchange for dollars or euro. To buy coins with electronic payments, you should first choose the right platform.


Any official exchanges will ask you to verify your account. For this, you should download a mobile app to go through double verification and submit the auto-generated code that renews every 15 seconds.


As soon as you finished this step, you can send dollars or euros to your electronic wallet hosted by the exchange. Then choose the way of payment – electronic payments (credit or debit card), or international wire transfers.

Is there the most reliable way to buy Ripple (XRP)?

Whatever you may think, I will tell you that the best way to buy crypto is through top brokers or exchanges. And the best way to secure crypto is with crypto wallets. You can go to the Ripple official site and select among the best partnering services listed on their page. This is your ready-to-use solution as you become both a trader and have a wallet that can store your purchases. With exchanges, you can always ask for support and resolve the issues that may happen between you and another trader. 

Why Ripple?

Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple is among those currencies that are not fully decentralized as it is possessed by Ripple Labs. It may be perceived as a pitfall, but in reality, it is a major plus. In case it has any problems caused by other parties, a particular group of people can fix the issues immediately without affecting its clients. For example, if XRP has a hackers attack, it will have an action team that can protect the userbase, their funds, and coin value.


The second bulletproof plus is that major world banks already use it in their day-to-day activities. It means that Ripple has so convenient that it is used as a transfer tool by financial institutions. So why not use it for private purposes?


And the last, Ripple is still not very expensive. If Bitcoin has skyrocketed in price and stagnates, Ripple is still growing and has a great potential to do so in the future. Ripple revenue grows year-to-year and now it costs almost nothing to buy. Don't waste time any longer and invest in XRP.


Ripple is one of the most dynamic crypto assets on the market today and can be a great deal for your investment portfolio. It is not only traded by major exchanges but also is used by the largest financial institutions in their daily routines. Among the major crypto exchanges are Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Bittrex, Bitstamp, and dozens of lesser-known services. Today, you can buy Ripple with USD, EUR, and other Fiat currencies, as well as exchange it for BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies. You have a lot of options when it comes to safe storage: offline hardware wallets, e-wallets, paper wallets, etc.


Ripple is still relatively low in price but has a great potential to grow (in comparison to Ethereum or Bitcoin). So even if you are a great fan of Bitcoin, you can diversify your portfolio with this cryptocurrency and experience zero risks.